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Ragi Oats Dosa Recipe

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Ragi – 1 cup(ragi grain)

Oats -1/2 cup

Green Chilli – 2

Badam and cashew scrapings – 2 tablespoon

Salt – to taste

Water – as required

Oil- little


1. Soak the ragi grain in water overnight.

2. Grind ragi along with oats, chilli and salt into a fine paste by adding little water.

(Dosa batter consistency)

3. Spread the dosa batter in dosa pan and sprinkle cashew and badam scrapings over it.

4. Do not cook it on both sides.

5. When the lower side is cooked, then fold it in such a way that scrapings do not fall as well the dosa is finely cooked.

Ragi Oats Dosa

Note: If you want to prepare this dosa instantly, you can use ragi flour. but using the whole ragi grain or sprouted ragi is more healthy.

This dosa can be had by anyone irrespective of age group. Even dieting people can have this dosa.

The taste of this dosa is enhanced when you add the badam and cashew scrapings.